Honest and Well

Becky BoveeMy name is Becky Bovee, creator of honestandwell.com, and I’m so glad you’re here! I created this blog in 2015 as an outlet to share my knowledge and passion for all things health and wellness.

A little bit about me: 

I’m a 30 year old optimist, wellness junkie, freedom seeker, wife, dog mom, and soon-to-be mom to a tiny human. I’m slightly obsessed with essential oils, real food, yoga pants, keeping things organized, personal development books, inspirational podcasts, and my Boston Terrier.

In late 2016 I decided to take my passion for health and wellness a step further and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I graduated from IIN in January of 2018 as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. It’s been a truly amazing experience learning from some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. You can read about my experience with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition here.

I’m a Sagittarius, and the traits of the sign describe me to the T. I adore freedom, travel, philosophy, and being outdoors. I am honest, open-minded, adventurous and completely optimistic.

I’m a big believer that health is wealth, and am very aware of the things that I put in and on my body. I try my best to live non-toxically for myself, my family, and for my future family. I love all things self-care on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

I hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to comment and share! If you want to reach out personally, feel free to email me at becky@honestandwell.com.


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