Beauty Benefits of Avocado

You already know that the avocado is a super food. By eating it, you help your body absorb nutrients, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, boost eye health, and reduce inflammation. But do you know how wonderful it is for natural glowing beauty?


8 Beauty Benefits of Avocado 


1. Anti-aging properties

Worried about age spots and wrinkles? The antioxidants in avocados can help repair and prevent free-radical damage.


2. Leaves skin with a bright and glowing complexion

Avocados are filled with the healthy fats that hydrate and brighten our skin, giving us that glowing completion.


3. Moisturizes dry skin

The oils and healing vitamins of avocado penetrate deep into our epidermis layers to moisturize and soften skin.


4. Helps protect skin from damaging sun-rays

Avocados actually contain a low level of natural SPF. It’s only a low level (around 4-10), so you still want to be sure to lather up with actual sunscreen before spending a day in the sun.


5. Relieves sunburn

The hefty dose of Vitamin E and other antioxidants and oils in avocados work great together at relieving a sunburn. They help to repair damaged cells and hydrate your skin deep within.


6. Conditions dry, damaged hair

The oil of avocado works great as a natural hair moisturizer, preventing frizziness, breakage and split-ends.


7. Gives hair a natural shine

Avocados are high in Vitamin E and protein, which penetrate hair follicles making them soft, shiny, and healthy.


8. Moisturizes scalp

As mentioned above, avocados are great for moisturizing dry skin…. don’t forget about the skin on your head. Keep your scalp moisturized to prevent flakes and itchiness.


You can reap any of the avocado beauty benefits above simply by eating avocados (they’ll be working on your body from the inside-out), or by applying directly on your skin and hair.


Avocado Face Mask

Have a good and ripe avocado laying around, but don’t want to eat the whole thing? Make a face mask!
Beauty Benefits of Avocado

The only ingredient that I usually use is just the avocado. You can add ingredients like honey, yogurt or oatmeal for added benefits.

Just mash a small amount (a spoonful or two) of the ripened avocado in a bowl with a spoon or fork, until you get a paste like shown in the picture.

Be sure to wash your face before applying the mask. You don’t want to put this on top of makeup or dirt.

Apply a thin layer of the paste to your skin. You don’t want to add so much that it drips off. Just a thin layer that makes your skin look army-green will do.

Let it sit on your face for about 10-15 minutes, or until your face absorbs most of the oil and the paste feels dry to the touch.

Before washing the avocado off, I like to rub my face with my bare fingers in a circular motion to exfoliate. Do this over the sink to catch all of the falling avocado and dead skin. Then, remove the rest with warm water and a wash cloth.

You should notice right away that your skin looks healthier and more vibrant.