outdoor workout

Who needs the gym on these gorgeous sunny spring days?! You can still stay on track and get a great workout in without going to the stuffy gym, but by going outside instead. You’ll get fresh air, vitamin D, a clearer mind, and you’ll save money!

Permission to Skip the Gym: 6 Great Outdoor Workout Ideas


Trail Run

Treadmills are boring! Mix up your cardio routine by trail running. It’s gets much more interesting when you’re running through the woods trying to avoid rocks and roots. You’ll get a better workout on this rougher terrain, and you’ll experience less stress on your joints than if you were pounding on a treadmill or hard pavement.


Jump Rope

Embrace your inner child and jump rope! It really gets the heart pumping, making it a great aerobic exercise. It also increases coordination, burns major calories, tones your legs, and most importantly, it’s fun!


Create Your Own Bootcamp Routine

A good bootcamp routine works your entire body, and gives you results fast! That’s why bootcamp classes are so popular. Create your own bootcamp routine by mixing in 30-60 second intervals of jumping jacks, push-ups, tricep push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, lunges, squats, knee-highs, mountain climbers, planks, and wall-sits. Once you’ve gone through all of the exercises, repeat 2-3 times through. Remember to push yourself and finish as a true bootcamp instructor would do!


Use Bleachers

Live close to a stadium or high school track? Hit the bleachers/staircase for a serious cardio workout. Running alone burns a ton of calories, but running up stairs really revs the numbers up, all while toning and shaping your legs.


Use a Park Bench

A park bench (or similar platform such as a picnic table) is a great tool for strength training exercises. Some exercises to perform on a bench include step-ups, box jumps, single lifted leg lunges, tricep dips, and push-ups.


Use a Playground

Think the playground is just for kids? Think again! Monkey bars and swings (just to name a couple) are two awesome strength training tools found in just about any playground. Use the monkey bars for the traditional monkey bar climb, for pull-ups, and if you can make it to the top of the bars, for dips. Use a swing for single lifted leg lunges, and knee tucks – where you plant your hands on the ground, feet on the seat and perform reps of bringing your knees to your chest.


So there you have it – 6 outdoor workout ideas to help you skip the gym and enjoy the beautiful weather this season. 🙂


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