One of the greatest secrets to living a happy, fulfilling, even healthy life is to practice gratitude. Focus on the things you love in life, and be grateful for them. It’s such a positive feeling to be thankful for what you have – even for the simplest of things.

I came across a blog post recently, 50 Things That Make Me Happy by Thirteen Thoughts, and was inspired to reflect and make a list of my own. Creating a list of 50 things that make you happy is a fun and simple way to find gratitude. What are your top 50? Here are mine:

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. My dog, Brody.

2. My fiancé, Aaron.

3. My family.

4. My friends.

5. Yoga pants. I only change out of them when I absolutely have to. I could happily live in them all day, every day.

6. Plain white tees and racerback tanks. I love casual, comfy tees.

7. Sunshine. I want to be outside every day that the sun is shining.

8. Tan lines.

9. Water. Oceans, lakes, pools… I love being by the water.


10. Fresh cut grass. The smell of summer. Can you tell it’s my favorite time of year?

11. Hot summer days.

12. Sunglasses.

13. Camp fires. What better summer tradition than chatting around a fire with family and friends?

14. Driving with the windows down.

15. Autumn. Fall foliage, crisp autumn air, pumpkin everything.

16. Large cozy sweaters.

17. The first signs of spring. When the snow melts and the trees bud. Renewal.

Spring Time

18. The chirping sound of spring peepers. Maybe my favorite sound.

19. Cleaning. It calms me… and I love a clean house!

20. Organization. I’m crazy about keeping things organized

21. Home renovations and updates. I love taking on new projects to make a nicer living environment.

22. Stationery. Maybe it comes from my love for organization. I love pretty note cards, notebooks, and other paper products.

23. Blogging. I’ve only been blogging for about a year now, but already it’s helped me become more creative, reflective, and confident. It’s also fun and freeing to share your thoughts with the entire world.

24. Lists… especially crossing things off them.

25. Waking up early. It’s not easy at all for me to wake up early, but when I do, it’s a start to great day!

26. Essential Oils. Obsessed.

27. Clean eating.

28. Juicing. I enjoy the process of making fresh juice, and really love how I feel after drinking it.

things that make me happy

29. Exercise, and the confidence I have after a good sweat session.

30. Helping animals. Big animal lover here.

31. Trips to Boston and New England in general.

32. Vacation planning.

33. Exploring new places. Visiting different countries, cities, towns, even new restaurants and small businesses.

34. Farmer’s markets.

35. Coffee & iced mochas.

36. Inspirational quotes. For some of my favorites, visit my post on Inspiring Quotes to Live By.

37. Holidays.

38. Music and live concerts.

39. Dancing.

40. Hiking.

41. My sister’s artwork. She’s so talented!


42. Reading a good book.

43. Success stories. Listening to or reading about the success of others and how they got there is so inspiring to me!

44. Podcasts. Love started my day off listening to a podcast in the shower.

45. Cutting images from magazines and adding to my vision board. Check out my post on The Power of a Vision Board.

Vision Board

46. Random acts of kindness.

47. A freshly made bed.

48. A fresh coat nail polish… especially pastel color nail polish.

49. Lemons.

50. Looking at old photos.