So thankful and over the moon excited to be able to share the news that Aaron and I are expecting our first baby in July 2018!

15 years into our relationship and 1 year married, this is happening, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Finally, after taking a sabbatical to get through morning sickness (all day sickness) and a complete energy wipe-out, I am so happy to be back writing on the blog!

So, let me share how things have gone down over the last several months.

You Never Know Until You Try

I didn’t know how easy or difficult it would be for me to get pregnant. Since getting off the pill in my mid-twenties, I have had excruciatingly painful and heavy periods. Like, couldn’t leave the house, wincing all day on a heating pad kind of pain. When my sister-in-law mentioned that her friend dealt with the same kind of pain and was diagnosed with endometriosis, I was convinced that was it. It can be difficult to conceive with endometriosis.

Then I found out that my grandmother had the same symptoms when she was my age, and for years had a very difficult time getting pregnant. She used to pass out from the pain, and ended up having a D&C procedure to remove growths from her uterus. She was later able to conceive.

So, I had it placed in the back of my mind that it would probably be difficult for me to get pregnant, but who’s to know?

After our October 2016 wedding, I made an appointment with my OBGYN to discuss the possibility of having endometriosis. I wanted to know for sure whether I did or didn’t have it. I wanted to prepare my body for optimal fertility. The only sure-fire way to find out if you have endometriosis is through a surgical procedure called laparoscopy, in which a small incision is made near the naval, and a scope (laparoscope) with a camera is inserted to view the organs and surrounding areas. Since we weren’t yet trying to conceive, my doctor’s recommendation was to hold off on this procedure. Her suggestion was to TTC (try to conceive) for 6 months, and if we couldn’t get pregnant in that time, then go back and we’d look further into it. She said that although the procedure is minimally invasive, a procedure is still is procedure, and there is always a risk involved. If I wasn’t infertile already, there was that risk, though a very small risk, that having a procedure with a foreign object navigating around my uterus may make me so. So, I took her advice and decided to hold off on the procedure.

Through good nutrition, exercise, and taking prenatal vitamins, I started preparing my body the best way I knew how for optimal fertility.

In June 2017, we finally started talking about it, and in July we decided to start trying.

October turned out to be our lucky month, once again. We started dating in October, he proposed in October, we were married in October, and found out we’re expecting in October.

My First Signs of Pregnancy:

About a week or so after ovulation, I spotted just a tiny bit. This has never happened before, so I was pretty confident that this was it.

At some points throughout the month, sore boobs.

In late October, for our anniversary, we spent the weekend in Boston. The Sunday night that we got home from, when getting into bed, I had complete wooziness come over me. It was like car sickness had just caught up to me from the drive home. It only lasted about 2 minutes, but I knew that it was my sign number 3.

The next day, I discreetly stocked up on some home pregnancy tests. A couple nights after that, once I got to 3 days before my missed period, I started taking them. The second line was there. Extremely light, but it was there. I took 3 of them just to be sure.

The next morning, I headed to Target, and picked up a onesie that says “The Adventure Begins.” When I got home, I wrapped up the onesie, along with the positive pregnancy tests (zip locked bagged), and gave the gift to my husband as a “late anniversary gift.” He was pretty thrilled (and emotional). We went to dinner to celebrate.

Keeping our pregnancy a secret until week 12

We decided to keep the pregnancy a secret until 12 weeks, which landed on Christmas, perfectly enough. So mum was the word for a couple of months. It was so difficult, especially for these reasons:

Two days after we found out we were expecting, we found out that one of our greatest friends was also pregnant, and due just 6 days before me. Ahgggg I wanted to tell her so bad.

One week after we found out that we were expecting, we found out that my SISTER was also pregnant, and due 2 days after me! Insanity. My lips were still sealed about my own pregnancy.

One month after we found out that we were expecting, we found out that another of our greatest friends was also pregnant, and due 2 weeks before me.

About a month and a half into my pregnancy I turned 30. It was probably physically the worst I felt. My husband wanted to plan a birthday dinner with our friends, but I told him there was absolutely no way I could do it. I couldn’t be around food without gagging, and that would certainly blow our cover.

On Christmas Eve, we finally broke the news to our families. What a relief! It felt fantastic.

First Trimester Woes

I had always thought that I would have a super nutritious and physically fit pregnancy. Woof. Let me tell you, the first trimester was a reality check on that. Morning sickness, which turned out to be all-day sickness, kicked in for me at 6 weeks, and didn’t really let up until about week 16. The gagging was non-stop. I only actually threw-up 3 times, but the nausea was horrendous. I constantly needed something in my stomach to keep it settled, but couldn’t deal with the sight of most food.

I used to eat an avocado every morning on my breakfast sandwich before pregnancy. After 6 weeks, I couldn’t even walk past them in the grocery store without heaving. All vegetables grossed me out. So weird how things that were such a big part of my diet before, suddenly became the grossest stuff on the planet. For those 10 weeks, I lived off mostly dry cereal, french toast, waffles, bagels with cream cheese, and mashed potatoes. Carbs, carbs, and more carbs. I felt pretty terrible about it, but kept telling myself that it was only temporary, and the baby was getting the nutrients it needed from me and the pre-natals. I read online that sniffing lemons helps with morning sickness, and that became my lifesaver.

I was able to slowly add in fruit, and now, at 18 weeks, I have thankfully gotten a healthier appetite back.

Second Trimester Feels

After much time spent on the couch throughout the first trimester, I’m finally able to get up and get moving now. I’m so grateful for this second trimester energy! I wasn’t sure I was going to ever get it. I definitely wouldn’t say I’m full of energy, but I’ve been able to start exercising again, have been doing pre-natal yoga, and am getting some projects done around the house. Oh my, do we have a lot to be done around the house!

I’ve always been incredibly fascinated by pregnancy, and labor and delivery. I’ve always wanted it, and I’m so blessed to be able to go through it. I’m embracing all that it is and all that’s to come.